Fluid power storage with a lighter,smaller, and higher potential energy

Fluid power storage with a lighter,smaller, and higher potential energy output

A patented solution to tackle thermaleffects in compressed gas and deep-sea pressure. Part of OBS depth generated powerprogram.

Operating hydraulic systems subsea, especially at depth, requires the hydraulic energy to be stored in accumulators. These employ the compressibility of gas as energy storage. However, the compressibility of most viable gases is reduced at elevated pressures thus requiring larger accumulator volumes at deeper waters. In addition, accumulators need to be pressurized to a significantly higher pressure than the actual requirement of the hydraulic system as any consumption reduces the pressure in the accumulators.

The DGP concept works with the ambient pressure instead of against it. Energy is stored by creating a volume of void at near vacuum and subsequently exploiting the differential between the ambient pressure and the void to provide hydraulic energy. Key components such as a pump to create the void and an intensifier pump to amplify the pressure has been developed and is presently under test.

Depth Power Converter, DPC

Power converter, energy carrier and main component of the DGP system. These rigid tanks contain variable gas-free cavities, or void chamber as we call them. In a void space, no forces are acting on the surrounding surfaces. This is the key property to our solution.


Depth Compensation Valve, DCV

 The DCV regulates the inlet pressure of the DPC, thereby providing a constant working pressure that virtually is independent of depth. Utilizing the void property offers a spring chamber with no pressure influence. Like valves with atmospheric reference, only better.

Intensifier- and Void Pump

The DGP concept make ambient pressure your friend. Our pumps represent a novel approach to hydraulic pumps based on a reciprocating piston.  These pumps can be used to generate a VOID, or they  can be used to provide additional hydraulic power and simultaneously generate the VOID.

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The Assets

•  Gas free

•  Makes ambient pressure your benefit

•  Restorable energy at seabed

•  Constantworking pressure

•  Full stroke utilization

•  More energy, smaller and lighter skids