Service provided by OBS

We offer service and maintenance through the entire project lifetime, and keep track of all our products and former services to ensure best possible service for our customers.

Service and customization

OBS Technology is renowned for its problem solving capacity and efficient and innovative development capability. We have provided our customers with pneumatic and hydraulic solutions to a wide variety of challenges ranging from subsea pressure control and topside pressure pulse compensation to closed volume atmospheric control and launching systems for military purposes.

Service, maintenance and spareparts

We provide repair, maintenance and requalification services for all delivered products.

Our services usually are performed at our fasilities, but OBS has certified offshore personnel and are able to offer service on-site if necessary.

Please fill in the service request form below or contact us directly for a service quotation.

We also provide spare parts for maintenance by customers. Please find details on spare parts in the Installation & Operation Manual provided for the product in question.

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